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Krás provides products to most supermarkets and restaurants in the Faroe Islands. Krás is PH’s own certified slaughterhouse and food producer. We are proud to be able to offer Krás products to our customers.


Krás offers a wide selection of goods, including Faroese cold cuts and sandwich fillings, fresh and frozen ready-made dinners, and Faroese lamb specialities during the fall.

Our high quality Krás products are available in stores throughout the country. If you are looking for quality, we offer excellent products at competitive prices compared to imported goods.


The new building completely changed the operational possibilities. There was plenty of space and the plant had everything a modern large enterprise needed.

The old headquarters were 500 m2 and could have been put ten times over into the new building with its stunning 5.000 m2 of floor space. The food production was moved to the new building, so that, when construction was completed in 1977, both the wholesale business and the food production were under the same roof. It was at this time that the food production grew rapidly.

Up to this point, the food production had been part of the wholesale business. But in 1986 P/F Krás was founded as a daughter company of P/F Poul Hansen. The new company took over the food production. Krás moved to the village of Hósvík a few years ago. Today’s production and large range of products cannot be compared to the humble beginning in the 70s.

Krás now produces Faroese specialities like Faroese spiced meat rolls, meat sausage, salted sheep meat and a popular pork liver pâté.


Today fourteen people work at Krás. Their only concern is the products they make, the wholesale business taking care of sales and distribution. The workspace, the equipment and the modern packing line are all new. The company passes all requirements for producing food and has been approved by the national food authority.

The competition from imported products is fierce today. Nevertheless, Krás does not compromise on quality, which is always our top priority. However, not all of Krás’ production is hit by competition, since some products are uniquely Faroese, such as salted lamb and Faroese spiced mutton sausages. The emphasis is on quality products throughout; our liver pate, for example, is renown for its excellent taste.


A couple of years ago, Krás began to package its fresh products in a new way. Together with our high standard of cleanliness, this new way of packaging ensures that products remain fresh for three to seven days without adding preservatives or other additives. This is made possible because our prime quality meat is packaged in the same way as our sliced meat and stored at about 2ºC. This is an advanced way to package fresh products. For it to be possible, the meat must be of the best quality, the sanitation impeccable, and the cooling protocol be kept throughout. That is, the meat must be kept at the same temperature from the slaughter until it arrives in your store.

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