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With 70 employees, we are by far the largest wholesaler in the Faroe Islands. The company, with more than 90 years of experience, has built up a wide and solid range of more than 5.000 quality brand products in the Detail-department and around 12.000 quality products in the Catering department

We provide for

We are an experienced wholesaler and supplier that has serviced Faroese retailers, caterers and the offshore industry for decades. As the market segments and supply and demand changes, we adjust our goods and services to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

Wholesale Faroe Islands


Our retail catalogue runs to about 5.000 item numbers. We stock all common grocery items, frozen goods and fresh fruit and vegetables for the retail market. A diverse supply of meats, vegetables, bread, fish, seafood and whole lamb carcasses are always in stock. We have a broad selection of high-quality seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables from our own part of the world as well as delicacies from farther afield. We constantly strive to broaden our selection of organic fruit and vegetables.

Catering - Wholesale


With about 12.000 goods in our catering catalogue, we are a comprehensive supplier for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, fast food outlets, hospitals and other institutions. We can supply everything needed in fruit and vegetables, common groceries and non-food items as well as refrigerated and frozen goods.

Offshore - Wholesaler


With about 12.000 goods in our catering catalogue, we are a comprehensive provider of supplies and victuals for ships and other offshore industries. Since we have supplied both Faroese and foreign ships for decades, our catering catalogue is available in several languages, making it easy for all our customers to order precisely the goods they need


We make every effort to adjust our services to the unique individual needs of each customer in our large and diverse customer base.

We can take your order by phone, telefax, e-mail or electronically with hand-held terminals. Our salespersons also visit and guide our customers on-site, where they also can take their orders.
We can also provide our customers with all kinds of furniture, freezers, shop counters, etc.

Meet our people

Vanja Engskær

Søluleiðari Detail / Sales manager

360 153 / 23 53 31


Tony Rasmussen

Søluleiðari Gastro / Sales manager

360 138 / 23 53 17


Høvuðsnummar / Central office

Matvøru- og sláturvirki / Slaughterhouse and Food producer

360 148


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